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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

Travel Diary: The Magnificent Chyulu Hills

We left camp at 7 am this morning, again a night with no rain.

We made our way alongside the Chyulu Hills, which were magnificently lit up with the morning sun. Many giraffes shared our route, poking their heads out of the tall trees to say hello, peeking back in as the camels approached.

We followed a lugga, the bottom lined with black lava rock. The lining acacia trees and the bushes all around were very green, proving they must’ve had some rain sometime.

Lava lined river beds opening up into a beautiful acacia filled valley

Camp for the next day (rest day) is just outside the Tsavo West National Park gate. Here, we will replenish our supply of water, the camels will drink their share, we’ll do some laundry, and we will rest our feet. A couple of blisters have shown up, so we will treat them with a camel pee soak this evening. It’s like magic.

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