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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

Travel Diary - a night at “scorpion camp”.

This morning, before loading up and leaving, we decided to name the camp Scorpion Camp, as we found three during our stay. They seem to habitate here in the south, where it is dry and hot.

We walked adjacent to Mount Kilimanjaro, passing small villages and crossing small rivers which actually had a little water in them from the rain they had a week ago.

We met with some grade 8 students who are still in school to write their exams on Monday…we wish them all well. All the other children are on their summer holidays now.

Many children in this area possess small circular markings on their cheeks that they are given between ages five to seven. They call it vaccination, but there is no vaccine involved, rather a branding that is done and believed to stave off polio.

Fun with some children along the way.

It was dry and dusty walking today, although all of Kenya was put on a flash flood warning today. Hmmmm…

The negotiations for our camp tonight are underway, as we sit under an acacia tree, enjoying the shade.

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