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Travel diary - 25th October

We managed to miss a day, so just backdating this travel diary input from the 25th of October.

Last night, we all put the electric fence up around our camp just in case another lion decided to make an appearance. It is solar powered and is enough to keep a curious predator out.

The morning skies were full of clouds and cooler temperatures, but it wasn’t long before the sun burned through and we were walking in 37 degrees again.

Two giraffe came to greet us at an abandoned boma, and a few of us were whirled around in a travelling dust tornado, known as a “dust devil”. The Maasai say it’s a sign of “rains to come”. However, all of the signs and predictions that we have heard so far (and everyone seems to have one), have yet to produce any rain. We too, as we walk and camp, are hoping for rain.

We were invited to stay on the Cheif’s land of a nearby village as we make our way along the Chyulu Hills, on our way to Tsavo National Park, following explorer Joseph Thompson’s route.

Rory has now left camp to replenish our bar.

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