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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

In Between Lions and Scorpions

Our day started with some excitement as we woke to a large male lion in the camp. The drovers first heard the lion shouting towards them. They then saw the lion about 15 meters from the nearest camel. The drivers scared it away or at least to the other side of our camp where it continued to shout across the area we were in. Hyenas continued to call out throughout the night but were quickly silenced by the lion.

We walked 16 kms in very high heat today. 29 degrees when we started out at 7:00 am which rose to 36 degrees by noon. The beautiful shaded camp we arrived at was a welcome sight!!

A second encounter with a scorpion today, this one by Simon who found the scorpion inside one of the storage boxes on an oven mitt. Another reminder to us all that we can’t drop our guard no matter how tired we get.

We are now working our way down towards the Chulu Hills and the Chulu gate to enter Tsavo Park. This leg of the journey should take approximately 5 more days all going well.

We enjoyed a relaxing day at the Lion Guardian camp. The Lion guardian works with young pastoralist Masai providing education to help them coexist with lions. They also respond when unfortunate human wildlife conflict occurs.

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