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Camel Safari Package options

Discover the Unexpected

Bobong Camels offers a variety of safari options depending on what you are looking for. Discover our camel assisted walking safaris that deliver a truly on the ground way to see Kenya. They can also take you off the beaten track where camels go best. However, these peaceful giants can also gently carry you on shorter excursions just for the experience of enjoying a quiet day in the African landscape. Or a fun day of riding with your class-mates or friends.
Take a look at the sorts of tour packages being offered below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how to book a tour today.

Safari Options: Tour Packages
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Two to Three Nights Flycamping on Soysambu

Walk with the Bobong Camels and their team amongst the wildlife in one of the Rift Valley's beautiful and awesome landscapes, encompassed by the high Valley walls and nursing one of her alkaline Lakes, Elmenteita, that teem with water-bird life.  Camp simply amongst nature with enough comforts for your basic needs to get the true feel for a night or three out under the stars of an African sky, warmed by a welcoming fire and camp cooked meals, and looked after by our team of bush-wise cameleers.  The fly camp is easy to pack, unpack and move with to enhance the feel of doing an old-style safari.  Ride at the head of the caravan if you need a better view, or just a break.

Long Haul Camel Assisted Walking Safaris

If you have the time to walk away from the pressures, and hustle and bustle of life, enjoy discovering the unexpected, tucked away corners of Kenya where little of the modern world can reach.  Meet the people that occupy these hidden places, and the beautiful and sometimes harsh landscapes that they live in.  Live simply, walk far and feel you deserve that wholesome meal at the end of the day.  Let the unconditional strength and patience of the Bobong Camels be your life-line, carrying your basic necessities, and becoming your friends.

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Combination Educational Adventure Holidays

Combine riding and milking camels with other educational and adventurous activities that are centred around life on the land and in the village.  Enjoy the Bobong camel team's attentive care, unobtrusive hands-on tutoring and inclusive fun entertainments.  Leave having learned more than you realise.

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