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John and Amanda Perrett own and operate Bobong Camel Safaris. They were both born and brought up in Kenya and have lived and worked on Ol Maisor ranch in northern Kenya for most of their lives. Amanda started her safari career from a young age under the carefree tuition of her camel loving father, Jasper Evans. The camels have taken John and Amanda to any corner of the country that people would like to go to.  Their four children were brought up in this open air wilderness education, under the nature loving instruction of their grandmother, Jill Evans, and continue this legacy.

Soysambu Conservancy nestles in the bottom of the Great Rift Valley.  The central focus of the soda Lake, Elmenteita, a World Heritage site, is one of the Rift Valley Lakes, situated between the fresh water Lake Naivasha, and Lake Nakuru.  Soysambu Conservancy is the nesting site of the Great White Pelican, as well as much birdlife, including visiting flamingo, and wildlife. 

Bobong Camels offer activities individually tailored to suit each group or person's needs according to their budget or interests. Amongst these are day trips, camel riding, camel assisted safaris near, or further afield in northern or southern Kenya, overnight fly-camping, combination options with some of the established safari Camps; or school trips.

The Bobong Camels can be hired to do your own safari/walk, or groups can do self catering with personal tents and bedding or fully catered and equipped trips.

At the Rumuruti home base campsite, Bobong offers school groups many different combinations of activities, including stock work, obstacle courses, nature treasure trails, camel riding or safaris, team building activities, camping, bicycle games, campsite activities, picnicking, cultural experiences, local school visits with games, teaching, and donor assistance at the local government school.

The Bobong camel team are an experienced family, many of whom have been brought up with the camels, some of whom have helped rear the camels from birth to walking together in a gentle and loving environment, and many who's families have worked on the ranch for a couple of generations.   

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