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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

November 4th - muddy meanders

Today, as the rain spat down lightly, we packed up camp with optimism, hoping that our day would allow us to get to the next camp, wherever that may be, without another deluge.

Earlier on, the sun came out as we walked through the rolling hills and through many Maasai shambas (farms) and bomas (homes).

We had our break under a thorn tree, just as a giant dark grey rain cloud burst, giving us all time to get our raincoats out and on. But as is typical for African daytime rains, it lasted all of 20 minutes, and the sun shone down again. It does leave a fresh smell, with steam rising across the fields and the land seeming to breathe a sigh of relief, once again.

We walked 16 kms today, with most of those steps on very difficult soil. Slipping and sliding, similar to yesterday, plodding along with weighted down shoes.

At camp now, and we have managed to avoid the rain so far, as the clouds skirt around our campsite. But our tents are positioned so that “when” it rains tonight, the rivers will go around.


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