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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

“The Chocolate River - Just like Willy Wonka” - Nov 2.

We packed up and left this morning, with talk of the hyenas, which were close to camp during the night. Krasha said “he could hear them shouting”.

After crossing vast plains of black cotton soil (our favourite workout!), we wound our way through the hills on a beautiful path. Curious giraffes also seemed to like that route, as we saw plenty along the way. There was rarely just one.

Barabara stopped us at the top of a hill and said, “Listen”…what we heard was “Maji”, the Swahili word for water. Looking farther, in the direction we were walking, were bright green, tall trees, inviting us to walk towards them. Great for the camels to munch on and protection from the sun (and rains, if they ever arrive!) for us.

When we reached the river, which had apparently started flowing just yesterday, the drovers contemplated a place for the camels to cross. Water can be tricky for them with their loads, but of course, Barabara found the ideal spot. We needed to get across in case it flows deeper and faster overnight.

We are now camped on the banks, all of us prepared for the rains…will they come? Stay tuned.

Text message in from Bev later in the day:

14:07 - Some black clouds just rolled in. So we prepared camp and sadly I think we only got about 76 raindrops - sunny again!!

14:49 - NOW it’s raining!

18:34 - Yup, I forgot African rain! River rose about 4 feet afterwards, so glad we crossed earlier. Just started again too.

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