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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

It’s in The Air! December 6

Today we broke camp, heading towards Mzombo Hill in the distance. With temperatures rising quickly, any water source along the way soon became the best place to stop and cool down again. The camels enjoyed a drink as well. Unfortunately, Macho the camel broke a nail which caused us a bit of concern, but he didn’t seem to flinch. Barabara advising he will be giving him dawa (medicine) this evening to ensure he is fine. Kathy, too was struggling with foot issues today, but she too resolved them by the end of the day. Along the way, we noticed an abandoned home and approached it to take a closer look. At the front door, a dead black mamba snake was hung up, many of us not noticing it until we had passed beneath it. Was that to keep us out or other snakes, we wondered?

Our rest stop today was at a large baobob tree which was the perfect place for a photo opportunity!

We passed through a larger village where we were greeted with enthusiasm, and shortly after, a change occurred…Kathy and Bev noticed it first (West Coast Canadian gals) then the drovers started to comment too. The air was changing. Suddenly a slightly cooler, lighter coastal breeze told us we must be getting close to the finish line. As well the vegetation suddenly changed to eucalyptus, mango, cashew, coconut palms, plumeria, and magnolia trees instead of the acacia we had become so accustomed to. Yes, indeed, we are getting close!

Our new tropical area

After a 19 km day today, we have now been joined by Naomi and Patrick from Athi River and Nanyuki and George, who finally reached us after being delayed by weather while travelling from Germany.

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