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Temperatures rising! December 5

We had a bit of a later start this morning as we knew we were walking approximately 10 km to the next campsite. Our new walker, George, was supposed to be joining us today, but his flight has been delayed another day because of snow in Germany. He will join us tomorrow (hopefully), as well as two others.

At 8:30 am, it was 38 degrees… indicating that today would be very very hot. And it was.

We walked through a couple of small villages and bought some cold(ish) sodas for the team. It’s the small things that help keep spirits high when the sun is so hot. We also bought more bottled water as we can’t be without it.

Along the road, we passed a stream (albeit salty water) and Andy and kids and Rory took advantage of a cool down. The local children came to watch, of course. An opportunity taken to wash feet and splash faces…anything to cool down.

Later, after weaving our way through swampy farms and tall cornfields, another stream was found and another opportunity for a dip.

Camp today is in a lovely shamba, and we are hunkered down in the shade. Rain was threatening, but we seem to have avoided it so far. Flys are on all our tents, just in case.

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