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  • Amanda Perrett

Cameleer feature - MOHAMED

Mohamed is Barabara's youngest brother, known to the team as Moah. As he was a child when his father passed it was Barabara who has supported Mohamed through whatever schooling he did, and then got him a job in the workforce on the farm. This was generally as a goat herder until we took him on his first safari. Since then, he has continued to do safaris or herding camels when there are no safaris. Mohamed is the second youngest member of the team, with Simon, and his first big safari.

We have walked with Mohamad on two Tembea Na Mimi walks as well as this mega safari. Mohamad is such an amazing drover who takes his work seriously and, like his older brother Barabara, does everything with a smile and a laugh which keeps us laughing too. He is very passionate about the camels, and we quite often hear him chatting with them as he loads them each morning. His high energy and uplifting spirit goes a long way in camp, especially on the days when we are hot and tired and need a lift. He is also an excellent Kiswahili teacher who insists on speaking Kiswahili only to us, and when Bev (a lot more than Kathy lol) forgets the word, he is very patient but will ensure we have the perfect pronunciation before class is dismissed. We love his enthusiasm and his amazing singing voice around the fire and, most recently, around the card table!

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