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Daily Diary: Heading for the Malepo hills

Heading for the hills.

The Malepo hills, to be precise, are on the eastern side of the Rift, which we could see when we left our nice old Mzee, who had been so helpful on his shamba the night before. Two hospitable Masai hosts in a row. A win-win.

Climbed up and over a couple of larva flows, testing the camels a little before passing along cattle tracks from one manyatta to another, finally reaching the road at the bottom of the hills.

This was Kudu Hill, where our pal Charlie said he always saw kudu, but I think they had slipped off into thicker cover as none were to be seen.

The day was getting very hot when we met Mike at the top and stopped for a catch-up and water break.

We were heading for his shamba (plot) 15km away, so having already done 15, we knew we had to take it up a gear.

Passing the Magardi train, the driver gives John a couple of blasts on his whistle to get him off the train track.

Mike told us that the alkaline soda it carried was also an integral component of glass making, which was exported worldwide wide. No wonder it had been purchased by the international steel and aluminium giant Tata 30 years ago.

Train crossing

Going well, we went past the Kenya marble quarry. The train is also used to export the marble and cement from this quarry and production plant.

We finally reached our lovely camping spot and just got the tents up before a sharp shower hit us.

The most glorious aspect of this campsite in the woods is the marble seated long drop.

Five stars.

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