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Daily update: adventures around Mt Oloorgesali

This afternoon, sitting at the south end of Lake Kwenia, it’s hot, really hot, and the cool wind has turned into a hot breeze. We have just returned from an early morning walk up into the foothills of the Oloorgesali mountains to the south of us. Rosie was keen for a ride on the way back to get a better view.

I am now listening to John, Barabara, and our Masai guide Karasha arguing with two likely lads who have walked into camp and are obviously looking for this gift horse, us, to pay camping fees.

John has already been told by the owner he can camp anywhere around here.

All five boys were sitting cross-legged under a thorn tree for forty minutes with raised voices from time to time discussing what to do. Other chess moves included the fact that they had spent most of the day looking for their cattle after the camels had frightened them off at the waterhole and chased them into the bush.

When that gambit did not work, the Masai then played there ace card. Our route tomorrow goes through their land and of course they can not allow access unless.

It’s no small wonder that most of the hard hitters around here have their own planes as not much has changed on the ground for centuries.

As they say you can’t keep a good man down.

We are still hearing the hyenas each might. Last night they were harassing the zebra which were calling nervously to one another. When we started at Soysambu, we did not see a single little zebra foal as the large hyena population is hunting the youngsters out in a ruthless fashion. Here the Masai are probably helping to keep numbers down in defence of their large cattle and sheep flocks.

It was 36C when Rosie and Matt left today. Dusty and very hot. The half moon boat shaped is still waning, rising above the skyline at 3 a.m. Sometime after the new moon next weekend, the rains might come. All of Kenya continues to wait for the anticipated El Niño.

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