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Creepy Crawlies, Mega Storms and a last push to Kasigau - November 24

Last night we saw the most beautiful scorpion in the firewood. This was the first one we had seen in a few days. Apparently, this one’s sting is one of the most painful!

Scorpion (Uroplectes fischeri) found in the firewood in camp

Lots of tracks from lots of animals this morning, as we set out for Kasigau. A young spitting black cobra slithered past us, into the newly rained-on grass. Karasha assured us that even though it was young, its venom would have the same results as a full grown.

Soon we turned off the main road and wound ourselves through thick brambles, tall trees, low-lying thorns, and sweet-smelling bushes, navigating our way towards Kasigau mountain in the distance. We followed, and quite often it did seem as if we were going around in circles, but of course, Barabara led us expertly out of the maze, and we finally ended up on a road.

That road soon turned to black cotton soil- our favourite! Luckily, not for long.

Sloppy, sticky black cotton soil

Up, over the majestic mountain loomed the darkest cloud we’ve seen since arriving in Kenya. It wasn’t long before we were deluged with rain. It didn’t last long, but it was enough to turn the now red soil into running rivers. Those with shoes on, joined those with sandals on, and we, as well as the camels, all sloshed our way through the newly formed rivers.

We are now camped at Kasigau Base Camp for the next three nights. Tomorrow we will rest and dry out our gear hopefully, and on Sunday, some of us are planning to tackle the three to four-hour climb up Kasigau Mountain. Its beauty needs to be seen up close.

Kasigau Mountain

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