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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

Celebrating as we Head Back to Salaita Hill - November 14 and 15

We spent the last two days walking 30 km back towards Salaita Hill. Unfortunately, we had to go around the Tsavo West Park boundary because Kenya Wildlife Services has a no-livestock policy in the park hence we were not allowed through. We backtracked along the park’s fence line which was very beautiful, and would soon position us to head southeast again towards the coast.

We were very aware of the wildlife in the area with proof of lion prints as well as a fallen zebra and baby zebra which Karasha, with his keen eyesight, afterwards soon saw two lions returning to reap the rewards. We also saw mounds of elephant dung that had been flatted on the ground which, according to the drovers, the lions would then roll in so they smelt more like an elephant than a lion before going on the hunt!

Our walk continued on November 15th which was Kathy’s birthday! We saw a large troop of baboons, hippo trails, a chameleon, as well as a monitor lizard, and a lot of elephant tracks along the way. Kathy was hoping for another elephant sighting to mark her special day but unfortunately, our time was off. We hear that tomorrow should be a better elephant day. Today was a very hot and humid day but the weather changed quickly as it does so often, and we arrived into camp moments before the wind kicked up and the inevitable rains started - luckily more wind than rain so far. Currently, we are tucked under the awning of John and Amanda’s tent starting the birthday celebration!

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