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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

A Walk to Lake Jipe - November 11

As of now, Kathy holds the record for most scorpions found under a tent in the morning, as three were trying to find the driest place after last night's rain.

We packed up and started our walk towards Lake Jipe, another lake that Kenya and Tanzania share. This one is apparently full of hippos and crocodiles. It holds waters from Lake Chala (where we camped a few nights ago), and mysteriously, people have disappeared in its waters and have washed up in the ocean along the coast, but no one knows how. Tomorrow, we will go exploring!

On the way, we walked through villages ambled along roads lined with houses and their families. Most of them had their own rain water tanks, metal roofing, and ample land. As we continued, we walked beside a construction zone, and learned that it was “affordable housing” being built by Kenya’s president Ruto, who also owns all the surrounding land. We now understood why this area was so built up in comparison to others.

Soon three elephants who were headed into the Tanzanian Hills sauntered across the road in front of us. Because of the red soil, their skin followed suit…making them stand out majestically against the nearby papyrus fields and the mountains in the distance. Again, how can something so large be so graceful?

At camp now, with a beautiful view of Lake Jipe and for now the sun is shining. A much-needed rest day coming up tomorrow!

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