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Cameleer feature- TINGEAN

Tingean has floated in and out of our lives for many years, mostly doing camel safaris when we needed extra people, or people who know the area or language of where we're going. He is a Ndorobo (the remnants of the hunter-gather tribes) who comes from the Ewaso area.

When he is not working with us Tingean has his own cattle and shoats to tend to. In his younger days he did cattle herding on the farm, but now fills in more with camel herding, when not on safari.

This is Bev and Kathy’s first safari with Tingean, and we couldn’t be happier to travel with such a happy and gentle-souled drover as him. He is very perceptive and seems to be instinctively aware of what needs to be done along the way.

Although he doesn’t speak many words of English, communication is never a problem.

But please, let us talk about his music. Tingean has a natural gift of music and a beautiful voice, and his ability to create music while we are walking and while in camp on the chamonge is very soothing and that we will never forget. Asante sana Tingean.

Tingean on his Chomonge

I love his gentle connection with the camels. It's usually Tingean quietly going amongst the camels at bed time treating their sores with Barabara, and observing their health. When it's time to offload he's chatting away to them and thanks them as he removes their head rope for them to go off grazing. There's never an upset camel in his hands. And as Bev says, he sings quietly as he walks, lulling everyone, and camels do love to be sung to!

Hassan, Tingean, Mohamed and Bev

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