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Cameleer feature - KARASHA

We first met Karasha in 2021 when he guided us around the Loita Hills, his home. We had asked our friend Charlie if he had any contacts from that area as he'd worked there a bit. He recommended Karasha to us, who had worked a lot with Charlie's friend and neighbour, Mark.

We had decided we should take a look at the Loitas with a view to extending our camel safaris from the Mara to Shompole, at the bottom of the Rift on the Tanzania border. While there Karasha indicated the elephant migration route from the Mara to Amboseli. This fired up our imagination, so when we were asked to organize a safari from Soysambu to the coast it seemed the perfect opportunity to follow these elephants, with Karasha as our local knowledge guide.

Krasha is a proud and caring Maasai and wears his red shookas and his sharp panga well. He is very smart at negotiations with the locals, and his ability to befriend and story-tell has helped us through certain areas which could’ve otherwise been tricky.

Negotiations and discussions on routes and camping locations underway

He is always willing to help, whether it be chopping down some thorns so we can pitch our tents or helping us across a muddy river. As we walk, he has shared a lot with us - his culture and his people, his knowledge about the vast area we walk through with its birds and animals, and about himself and his family.

Around camp, his laughter stands out and makes us feel welcome and comfortable. Krasha is one of a kind, and we are both very happy he is on this journey with us.

Standing over as the kids poke around in one of the river ponds

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