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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

A kaleidoscope of color - December 7

We got out of camp in good time this morning despite our large group. The night was very warm with no wind, and the morning started out the same way, being 37 degrees by 8:30 am.

Shortly after starting, we found the Dzomba community mango processing centre and had to make a stop. We sampled the juice and bought some afterwards, as well as some jam and some wine. We’ll sample that (again) tonight!

The trees and flowers are beautiful here. As we get closer to the coast, the vegetation continues to change, creating layers upon layers of different textures and shades of green. There were many farms that grow Annatto (commonly known as Bixa), a beautiful bush with purple flowers and burgundy seed pods. These pods are used to make food colouring.

The people here are friendly, with a coastal feel, greeting us and saying “Karibuni Kenya” (“Welcome to Kenya”). The colours of the women’s kikoy’s are bright and inviting us to say hello.

We walked 15 km today, and camp is in a farm on a hill with a very nice view of the neighbouring farms, some Baobob trees that now have their leaves appearing, and some vultures circling in the distance. Life is grand.

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