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Travel Diary: A days rest for the team in Bisil.

Resting in Style.

We enjoyed a rest day today just south of Bisil, pitching our tents on the property of a long-time friend of Amanda and John. Upon arrival, we were met by a large troop of baboons who seemed to be hopelessly chasing an impala.

Charlie and Claire have hosted us like kings and queens. As we sat on their beautiful shaded veranda, we knew to savour these moments, knowing that this was our last “glamping” opportunity until we reach the coast.

Charlie spoke about our days to come with increased heat, red dusty soils, more lions, and lots of elephants. All I could think was, “let’s go!!”

We enjoyed the day hydrating, admiring the amazing bird life, watching the thompson gazelle play, a lone ostrich searching for a mate, and the impala leaping across the property. Of course rest days for the camels are vital and they enjoyed never-ending grazing while wreaking havoc with Claire’s horses who were very confused indeed!

The day ended with one of our favourite things, going for a nature walk with our lead drover Barabara who told us stories from the tracks on the ground, including a leopard who was tracking baboons, and a recent line in the soil from a puff adder that had slithered into a pile of bricks (evidenced by two mongoose that we watched go into the bricks- needless to say we didn’t hang around for long there!) We also had our first giraffe sighting as well as wildebeest and more thompson gazelle.

Sadly we said goodbye to Chris (our blogger so far) and Susie who are going on to other adventures in Kenya, as well as Amanda and John while they tend to business back at home. They hope to rejoin the safari all going well by mid-November closer to Tsavo West. We have been joined by a family of seven for the next week and it will be amazing to see this through a child’s eye.

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