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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

Signs in the sand - November 28

Last night in camp, after we’d eaten supper and been chased into our tents by the rain, hyenas came into camp for a visit. The drovers were still up and chased them out with their torches (flashlights). Evidence of their tracks were seen in the sandy soil as we left this morning, to continue on our way to Kilibasi.

We ambled along a windy road, following it as it wove in and out and up and down, through meadows full of dainty white flowers, alongside mountains that looked like the perfect place for lions to call home, and as the sun finally broke through the clouds, it became very very hot. The thermometer peaked at 38 degrees by noon.

We saw lots of animal tracks along the way, and we are now somewhat able to distinguish between them all and understand the stories that they tell. Two giraffe fighting, three lions walking by, and a dik dik scratching in the sand to mark its territory.

Our camp tonight is set up to protect the camels again, with them in the middle and all our tents surrounding them, as Barabara has seen plenty of lion paw prints. He has also heard elephants so maybe we will have some visitors tonight as well.

We walked 17.5 km today.

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