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Restocked, reloaded, and ready to roll - December 3

Last night, we were rejoined by the Allan family (Andy, Skye and Sten, who joined us earlier in October - Tania and Emma will arrive on Saturday), and Rory has returned with our final restock of supplies for the next nine days and also his wife, Jenny.

This morning, we said goodbye to Amanda and John and to Robin (our 13-year-old “Bush Man”, so named by Barabara). Amanda and John will return at the coast!!

The drovers were in fine spirits this morning as they were dressed in their new kit! Their yellow shirts were bright again, as were their blue kikoys, and they will now arrive at the beach in style!

Sten and Skye reunited with the Bobong team

With the camels fully loaded again, we headed off in good time, meandering through the bushes, through fragrant fields, and frequently stopping at local Maasai’s shambas (farms) to confirm directions.

A few palm trees were seen along the route, maybe a sign that we are getting closer to our finish line.

We are camped now in a shamba on a hill overlooking a green valley. A breeze is blowing which is cooling the 38-degree day to 35…think we are acclimating???

Approaching our campsite and current view for tonight

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