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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

Escaping the rain

After being serenaded by hyenas through the night, we started out this morning once again gazing towards Mt. Kilimanjaro. A lone giraffe watched us leave. We had camped in an area with black cotton soil which, when it’s dry, consists of 2-3 inches of dark grey talcum powder! It makes walking difficult, and life extremely dusty!

We knew that we had to clear this area before the ominous clouds decided to rain down on the still parched area. Black cotton soil when wet turns into a clay like mud which would prevent us from walking further and would prove to be very dangerous for the camels. As the temperature reached the mid 30’s we crossed a lugga and the soil immediately turned to rich red - mission accomplished!

The Allen family left us today to head home to their lives in Nairobi. We will miss their company and of course the extra energy the kids brought to the camp.

We had our first sighting of a gerenuk today and counted close to 14 giraffe as the day went on. We were warned of lions in this area so our drovers will be on high alert. For now, enjoying a drink and putting up our feet.

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