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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

Slow and steady they walk…

This morning we woke up to what seemed like an obvious downpour was approaching, but once again the grey clouds have avoided us, and the sun has prevailed. The camels are heavily loaded, as our new rations for the next month have been added to our load. Slow and steady they walk, staying balanced and majestically upright.

The owners of the campsite last night told us that our fees we paid were enough to send his two daughters to school for a term and for the whole family to have a good meal, which warmed all our hearts.

As we re-entered the dry riverbed again to start the mornings walk, the “sand harvesters” were hard at work, shovelling the enormous mounds of sand and removing the rocks. Giant lorries then remove the sand, and sell for future construction. Sadly, the riverbeds have been chewed up by these vehicles…who knows how this will affect the flow of the river once the rains finally come.

A lazy turquoise lizard takes in the view.

Some walkers frolicked in a pool of water along the magnificent rock formations, and described it as “baridi sana” (very cold). Us Canadians have to laugh.

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