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  • Kathy Moore & Bev Hooper

Lion River: Outstanding at Every Bend.

We continued today, walking down the dry riverbed of the Lion River which was outstanding! The camels donned metal cowbells in addition to their wooden bells as we are now starting to get into an area that is more densely populated with elephants and lions. Krasha assured us that the bells would not prevent us from seeing the animals but rather we’d be using them to ensure we could pass by them safely as we now sound like a heard of cattle.

Not far down the river, a long red stick was spotted which was quickly identified as a red spitting cobra! We approached with caution and after the snake carefully scrutinized her intruders, carried on fetching its breakfast lizard. I strongly urge you to google this one - it’s not a snake to treat lightly!

The river continued with stunning scenery at every bend. Dry crackled sand beds gave way to random holes dug by baboons with the hope of finding water - alas no luck!

The Lion River merged with the Kajiado River part way along and from there we found ourselves walking through deep gorges some of which proved to be too challenging for the camels who did the climb up the river bank to safer passage.

Rory has now returned to camp with new food and supplies. He joins us with Hugh and Lily from England who will be with us for the next week.

Special mention goes to our beloved drover and cook, Simon, who is celebrating his 21st birthday today!! Happy Birthday Simon!

We are camped above the river in a beautiful spot and look forward to continuing to traverse this beautiful area tomorrow.

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