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Diary update, Day 7: Soysambu to Coast

Well, we made it through Hell's Gate. What a place. The source of Kenya’s geothermal electricity with great fissures in the Rift floor steaming away. Hell's entrance indeed.

Some have been capped, and the steam used for generation with massive power lines climbing the surrounding hills and the constant roar of the powerhouses echoing up and down in crazy crescendos.

Denno with the camels. Denno is an electrical engineer for KenGen’s Olkaria geothermal station

On top of this, we just exited this new National Park, put up our tents, grabbed a cup of tea and literally all hell suddenly broke loose as we were bombarded by a violent tropical storm directly overhead. Everyone was looking pretty edgy as the fire was flooded out in the Mess area, and the thunderclaps cracked above our ears. Some dramatic effect whilst in the midst of this natural firework display; the camels just stood disconsolately by. Calm as anything. What cool animals.

The tents all held out the water, and luckily, we were just above the torrent that appeared flooding past our front doors. Fortunate positioning.

I think this El Niño might add an interesting aspect to the safari, but nothing we can’t handle. We probably need the tents up before 3.00 pm to avoid the afternoon rain.

So, into Maasai territory tomorrow and for the foreseeable future as we continue on to Suswa.

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