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Covid Gap Year Opportunity in Kenya

Letter from a fellow Gap Year Student.

Dear fellow Gappies,

As a humble gappy myself I know only too well that this year has been nothing short of a colossus disappointment. Covid has reduced what is meant to be the greatest year of our lives to a small smouldering heap of desperation. While back in the UK I myself felt so helpless that I knew I had to do something to get out of the feeling of imprisonment.

Bizarrely enough Kenya came calling. Kenya happens to be one of the few hidden gems that Covid has not ravaged and as a result life has continued as normal, particularly in the rural countryside. The freedom I fantasised when grinding out my last year of school, mostly from Zoom on my bed, maybe impossible in Britain but in Kenya life, as it must, goes on. With the moping and misery you are all no doubt living back home, in a bid to cure your depression Bobong have decided to offer a special three month gap programme, just for you.

Escape Britain right now for a sunny, sublime Kenya. With safaris and trips planned to the Maasai Mara, some of the Rift Valley Lakes, Soysambu Estate, an optional challenge to climb Mt Kenya, and any other off-the-cuff excursions, and a final relaxation on the beautiful East African coast, along with a programme to help the community less fortunate like repairing schools, helping in game parks and better yourself with some serious life experience.

Bobong and John and Amanda is more than a classic help-out and meet new people hair-brained scheme that plagues the Internet these days. Yes, you will meet great mates, and help the wider community but you will yourself develop in a way you never thought possible. That's Kenya for you. So please do get in touch with any questions, queries or enquiries. And please come and join me.

Archie, fellow gappy.

+44 7795843277

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