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Diary update: Soysambu to South Coast.

The safari continues after a night overlooking Lake Naivasha, lying under the stars and the acacia trees listening to the migrating flamingos heading up the Rift Valley to one of the other lakes.

We got waylaid at the fireplace last night, having that final dram and talking safari route possibilities. It’s now such a relief to have that all sorted out. Clear as mud.

Today, we tabbed down the escarpment to the lake, listening to the fish eagles and watching the reactions on the girl's faces when we said we were heading for Mombasa on foot. Must get a photo of their reactions as they scream and throw their hands up in disbelief. Love it.

John and Amanda have done a runner to spin some more camel safari’s elsewhere and avoid the crashing plate syndrome. Safari operators at their best.

Have now got the tents up at 4pm just before the heavens opened and we sat sipping tea made on Rory’s handy wee stove. Crackerjack.

The camels with their heavy saddles all off were happily stripping the thorn tree of their leaves and standing with their backs to the rain.

Now getting the camp organised and watching the local boys lobbing rocks at the hippos as they float towards their maze of nets.

I don’t think fish would grow to any size before being hauled out although some must judging by the high concentration of fish eagles around the lake shore.

Good to see the different fenced wildlife conservancies along the shore with plenty of buffalo and other plains game about. Even a solitary wildebeest which must be the most northern extent of their range today.

Fires all going here in the campsite; the rain has stopped and peace and quiet descends without that cheeky cat and dog scuffling about. Xx

Over and out from Chris Swift.

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